• Miki Somos

Wet Basement & Foundation Issues - who to call

Leaky basement is a stressful matter especially when it is completely finished. It is important to know what the issue is. It is not always easy to tell. For this reason we have complied a companies in Calgary who offer this service. We contacted each of this companies and they all offer a free quote / inspection to determine the issue, solution and cost.

As in all cases it is always good to have couple opinions and do your own due diligence

Here are the companies we have found:

Crack Master Ph: 403-283-2938 Web:

Doug Lacey's Basement Systems Ph: 403-720-0616 Web:

HBD Basement Foundation Protection Inc Ph: 403-539-5804 Web:

Abalon Foundation Repairs Ph: 403-230-3050 Web:

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