November 2017

Tips and tricks for hosting guests this holiday season 

Posted on Nov 30, 2017 in Home owner tips

With vacation days, visiting family and countless engagements with friends over the coming month, don’t let the pressure ruin the fun.Communication
Be very clear on when guests are leaving and arriving. If they are taking a flight, how will the airport run be coordinated? If it’s a dinner party, are children invited? Communication can go a long way...

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Stylish Floor Lamp Design Ideas

Posted on Nov 08, 2017

Floor lamps are essential not only for its function but also for creating a statement or design element in your living room. Here are just some stylish floor lamps to decorate your home.  

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New Mortgage Qualification Rules

Posted on Nov 02, 2017

Qualifying for a mortgage has never been a breeze and it’s about to get much harder. 

In mid-October, the federal government announced changes to mortgage qualification rules and a more stringent “stress test” for uninsured mortgages for those with a 20 per cent or higher down payment. 

The biggest impact these changes will have is on purchasing power...

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