June 2018

Indoor Wall Planters

Posted on Jun 28, 2018 in Home owner tips

Greenify your home with indoor wall planters that are not only functional but stylish as well. 

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Insurance policy coverage for condo owners

Posted on Jun 07, 2018 in Home owner tips

Condominiums typically have an overall insurance policy covering the building but it’s nonetheless still important for individual condo owners to look into their own policies. Shared insurance doesn’t cover personal belongings, for example, or other costs that an owner could incur in the case of an emergency.

Insurance is particularly noteworthy whe...

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Things to do in Calgary this month

Posted on Jun 06, 2018 in Home owner tips

If you need a laugh, this comedy festival with more than 70 different kinds of performances has got you covered. 

The newest film festival in the city, it explores the “third act” of life by focusing on the topic of ageing. 

An electr...

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