Condo Documents Review Companies in Calgary

When purchasing condo, understanding how the building is operated, what is its financial position and what future expenses and maintenance you can expect is essential. 

There are companies who are here to provide you with an independent third party review. 

Companies below are not endorsed by us. Please your own selecting criteria to select the best advisor that will fit your needs. 

Expert Condo Review Ltd.
(403) 383-2920
Roy Rasmusen
Condo Max, Inc.
(403) 278-7310
Calgary Condo Docs
(587) 830-3627
Condominium Document Inspection Centre
(403) 228-6770
Condo Check
(403) 509-2462
Condo Review Ltd.
(403) 258-3627
Condo Diagnostics Ltd.
(403) 269-4321
email - visit website
Condo Services Alberta Inc.
(403) 483-1502